Why do I wake up sore?

March 06, 2020 2 min read

Do you wake up with back pain, a stiff neck, headaches or neck pain? Beware of asking Yahoo a question like: why do I wake up sore? You might end up at the doctor the next day, insisting on being tested for fibromyalgia, or at the very least, eating bananas while soaking in scalding hot water for four hours. The answer to why you wake up sore is another question: Which of the three basic sleep positions do you use at night?

Are you a back sleeper?

Sleeping on your back, while not optimal for snoring and sleep apnea, is a good sleeping position, provided you have pillow support. Of course, if you don’t have the [popup url=http://properpillow.com/?product=proper-pillow height="500" width="460”]proper pillow[/popup], back sleeping can cause pain and worsen the effects of sleep apnea. If your pillow supports your head and neck in a neutral position (without tipping your chin forward or back) this is optimal. If you need extra support, a small pillow or rolled towel placed behind your lower back and knees mimics the natural curvature of the spine, thus eliminating lower back pain when you wake up in the morning.

Are you a stomach sleeper?

This sleep position is the least beneficial of all, as it kinks your neck to the side for hours at a time, causing neck pain and headaches in the morning. If you sleep on your stomach and still use a pillow, all of the pressure goes right into your lower back. Try switching to a side sleeping position, using a body pillow if you like the feeling of warmth and pressure on your stomach. Some pregnant women who were stomach sleepers find side sleeping with a body pillow to be a comfortable alternative.

Are you a side sleeper?

In spite of supposedly ruining your beauty sleep, side sleeping is really the healthiest sleep position for your back and neck. If you already have lower back issues, a small pillow between your knees takes the pressure off of that area. As with any sleep position, you must have the [popup url=http://properpillow.com/?product=proper-pillow height="500" width="460”]proper pillow[/popup] to maintain optimal body alignment. In the side sleeping posture, the proper pillow will support your head, aligning it gently with your neck and shoulders.Rather than think you contracted a painful disease after asking Yahoo to diagnose your medical issues, go for the simplest of solutions and think about your sleep position and pillow. With a few minor tweaks in your sleep style you can take away the kinks, not to mention alleviate lower back pain, headaches and neck pain.

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